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Tips for Decorating a Rented Apartment

Transform your rental space into a personalized, stylish retreat


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    Welcome to your new refuge, a space that is temporarily yours, but that can be transformed into a cozy home full of personality! Decorating a rented house or apartment may seem difficult, after all, there are restrictions to consider. However, with a little creativity and some clever tips, you can bring this space to life in a unique way. Let's start?

    1- Use the furniture and objects you already have

    Before purchasing new furniture and decorative objects to decorate a rented apartment, it is always a good idea to analyze and use the items you already have. This can bring several advantages, such as:

    Financial savings: By using the items you already have, you avoid unnecessary expenses and can invest your money in other important aspects of the decoration or other needs of the apartment.
    Space customization: Furniture and objects you already own may have special meaning for you, such as travel souvenirs or gifts from loved ones. Using these items to decorate your rented apartment adds a personal and unique touch to the environment, making it more welcoming and representative of your personality.
    Sustainability: Using existing furniture and objects is a way to reduce waste and adopt a more sustainable approach to consumption.
    Versatility and adaptability: Often, the furniture you have can be adapted and used in different ways in the new space. Small changes, such as a new paint job, changing the upholstery or repositioning, can completely transform the appearance of an old piece of furniture, giving it new life and functionality.
    Planning and organization: Analyzing existing furniture and objects before purchasing new items allows you to more efficiently plan the arrangement and use of available space.

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    2- Wallpaper

    Using wallpaper in rented apartments can be a great solution for adding style and personality to spaces without making permanent changes to the walls. Wallpaper offers a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures, allowing you to quickly transform a space.

    One of the main advantages of wallpaper in rented apartments is the ease of application and removal. Most wallpapers available today have an adhesive layer on the back, making them easy to apply without the need for glue. Furthermore, they can be easily removed without damaging the original wall when it is time to leave the property.

    Another benefit is wallpaper's ability to camouflage small defects or imperfections in the walls, such as cracks or marks. It can help create a uniform, visually pleasing surface.

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    3- Versatile Furniture

    Choose versatile furniture that adapts to your different spaces. A comfortable and stylish sofa, elegant armchairs or a unique dining table can be taken with you when moving apartments. This way, you create a personalized environment that reflects your style and also acquire objects that will last and look beautiful in other properties that you may live in.

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    4- Floor

    One of the interesting options for those who live in a rented apartment is to consider installing a new floor over the existing floor, using the technique known as “floor on floor”. This technique is especially useful in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. However, it is important to observe whether the original floor allows this possibility, as some types of floors may not be suitable for receiving a new layer.
    Another viable alternative is to opt for vinyl floors, which are practical and quick to install. Vinyl flooring is a popular choice for rental apartments as it is durable, easy to clean and offers a variety of design options.

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    5- Wall Stickers

    Kitchen wall stickers are a versatile and practical option to add a touch of style and personality to the space. Available in a variety of designs, colors and prints, wall stickers are easy to apply and can instantly transform the look of your kitchen.
    These stickers are especially popular for their ability to create a specific theme or atmosphere in the kitchen. Whether it's a sticker that mimics colorful tiles, a modern geometric pattern, or an inspirational quote, wall stickers can be an affordable way to update your decor and bring a unique touch to a space.
    Additionally, wall stickers are a temporary, removable solution, which is ideal for rented apartments.

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    6- Loose furniture with wheels

    In a rented house or apartment, using loose furniture for the living room, dining room and bedroom is the best option.
    Opting for loose furniture offers flexibility in the layout of environments, allowing adjustments according to personal needs and preferences. This versatility is especially beneficial for those who live in rented properties, as it is possible to adapt spaces according to changes in layout or specific needs.

    In the kitchen, a smart solution is to use furniture with wheels. This option makes furniture easily transportable, allowing it to be moved to the laundry area or rearranged as needed. Furthermore, furniture with wheels can make cleaning the space easier, as they can be moved to access hard-to-reach areas.

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    7- Curtains and rugs

    Curtains and rugs can transform any dull room into a charming space. Choose curtains with striking prints and textured fabrics that create an inviting atmosphere. Colorful, soft rugs provide comfort and add a touch of personality.

    In addition to bringing comfort to the rented property, the objects will be removed and used in a new space if necessary.

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    8- Lighting

    Lighting is key to creating a magical atmosphere. Install modern floor lamps, whimsical chandeliers or add a touch of romance with elegant lampshades. Play with different light levels to create a warm and intimate environment.

    Lights completely modify an environment and are versatile, as they are objects that can be removed later, without causing damage to the rented apartment.

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    9- Decorative accessories:

    Use pillows, throws, vases, picture frames and other decorative accessories to add style and personality to the apartment. They are easy to change and can be adapted to different styles.

    These decorative elements add a very special touch to the decor and you can imprint your personality and personal taste on the environment.

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    10-Pictures and photographs:

    Hang pictures, photographs and illustrations on the walls to add personality to the room. Use removable double-sided adhesive tape to fix them, avoiding making holes in the walls.

    The decoration must have “your face”, and when choosing paintings and photos, in addition to making the environment more beautiful, they bring the essence of the residents to the space.

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    11- Plants

    Bring nature indoors with plants and flowers. In addition to bringing freshness, they add a touch of color and life to your space. From charming succulents to lush ferns, choose easy-care plants and scatter them in strategically placed pots and shelves.

    Plants complement the decor, bringing a unique and very special charm to the space.

    It saw? Who said your rented apartment can't look beautiful and cozy? By following these tips you will create a unique, welcoming and very charming space to collect beautiful memories.

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