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Wood Partition - reasons to include one in your decoration project


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    Wooden partitions are an excellent option for those who want to divide environments with beauty, versatility and using a durable material.
    There are many types of wooden partitions, both for external and internal areas, with a wide range of prices, allowing them to be customized and adjusted to individual needs.
    If you want to know the advantages of installing a wooden partition and existing types, continue reading this post as we have valuable information and tips that will help a lot when making your wooden partition.


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    One of the great advantages of wooden partitions is their versatility, as they are highly customizable, allowing you to choose the type of wood, finish and details that best suit your preferences.

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    There are even some projects in which partitions are used as sliding doors, with the function of separating two environments, combining elegance and great functionality.

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    A small room can look beautiful and charming

    Just because the room is small doesn't mean it can't be put to good use. With these tips you will transform a small room into a beautiful and useful space.

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    Regarding wooden partition models, there are many options available on the market. From the simplest, which separate environments without many details, to the more elaborate, which feature elaborate designs and unique details. Some popular models of wooden partitions include those with vertical or horizontal slats, hollow ones, those with glass panels and those with metal details.

    Image: Juliana Agner architecture

    Another advantage of wooden partitions is their durability. When well cared for, they can last for many years and resist adverse weather conditions, such as heat, humidity and temperature variations. Furthermore, maintenance of wooden partitions is relatively easy, and mainly consists of cleaning and applying varnish or sealer to maintain their beauty and protection.

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    Wooden partitions can be used in different places in the house, depending on the needs of each environment. However, in some places the use of wooden partitions is more common, such as: the living room, to create a more intimate environment and separate the dining room and living room; bedrooms, mainly to separate the closet from the master bedroom or home office; kitchen, to create a more functional space and external areas, such as gardens, balconies and swimming pools, to obtain a more cozy outdoor space, as well as protecting from wind and direct sunlight.

    Make a beautiful crochet basket yourself

    Crochet is back with everything and including a beautiful piece made by yourself in your home decor will give a special touch that only an exclusive piece allows.

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    Wooden partitions for outdoor use are a popular option for fencing and delimiting spaces in outdoor areas, as wood is a naturally resistant, durable and aesthetically attractive material.
    But something important to note is the correct choice of wood for external use, as prolonged exposure to natural elements can cause damage and reduce its useful life. Some of the best wood options for outdoor use include cedar, teak, ipe, cumaru, and Jatobá, as they are naturally resistant to insects and rot.

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    Now that you have mastered the subject of wooden partitions, you are ready to include a beautiful model in your home design, creating charm and warmth in your space.

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