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All About Halloween: Tips, Decorations and Costumes

Wanting to throw a Halloween party and don't know where to start? Check out incredible tips here.


    Are you looking for creative tips on how to decorate your home for the Halloween Party? Do you want to make that incredible costume to rock on Halloween? Terrifying yet delicious foods?

    It's all here. Check out!

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    Halloween, also known as Halloween, has gained popularity in Brazil over the years, especially among young people and children who like to dress up, decorate their homes and participate in themed parties.

    Children love the fun of begging for candy and wearing costumes, while adults can relive their own childhood memories or participate in themed parties and events. It's a time where imagination is encouraged, creativity is celebrated, and the community comes together to share the joy of the Halloween spirit.

    But how to create an incredible party, fun for everyone and without spending a lot?

    We have some really cool tips to share with you. Ready?

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    Halloween Decoration

    Halloween decor is a fun way to create a spooky, themed atmosphere for this party.

    Typically, it includes elements such as carved pumpkins, fake spider webs, ghosts, bats, skeletons, and vibrantly colored flashing lights. The predominant colors are black and orange, with touches of purple, green and red. Adding candles or LED lights is also a popular way to create a mysterious atmosphere.

    Creativity is fundamental, and people tend to make their own decorations using simple and economical materials, such as paper and fabric, with the aim of transforming spaces into fun and scary environments to celebrate the date.


    Start scaring guests before they enter your home.

    This door is an invitation and a warning that the Halloween party will be amazing!

    This free printable Jack Skellington door is perfect for creating a fun Halloween decoration. It's simple to do with this tutorial! (if you don't understand English, use Google translator)

    Homemade Heather– Jack Skellington door

    Halloween Pumpkins

    Image: Canva

    Do you want to make a pumpkin lantern and don't know how? We brought you a very simple tutorial for you to follow:

    Tutorial for Making a Pumpkin Lantern

    You will need:

    • A medium-sized pumpkin
    • Sharp knife
    • Big spoon
    • Candle or LED light


    1. Choose Pumpkin: Find a pumpkin that is firm and regular in shape. Make sure it has a flat side to support the flashlight.
    2. Cut the Top: Carefully cut a lid off the top of the pumpkin. Make an angled cut so the lid doesn't fall into the pumpkin. Remove the stem.
    3. Empty the Pumpkin: Use the large spoon to remove the pumpkin seeds and pulp. Scrape the inner walls to create a smooth surface.
    4. Draw the Face: Draw the face you want to carve on the pumpkin with a pencil or marker. Make sure the eyes, nose and mouth are well spaced.
    5. Cut the Face: Using a sharp knife, carefully follow the lines of the design to cut out the pumpkin's face. Keep your hands and fingers away from the blade and work carefully.
    6. Put the Light: Place a real candle or LED light inside the pumpkin. The light will create a spooky effect when turned on at night.
    7. Put the Cover Back: Place the lid back on the pumpkin. Make sure it fits well.
    8. Display Your Pumpkin Lantern: Your pumpkin lantern is ready! Place it in a visible location in your Halloween space for everyone to appreciate.

    Always remember to take safety precautions when dealing with knives and candles, especially if you are doing this project with children.

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    Keep in mind that simple objects made from paper can add a super special touch to your Halloween decor.

    A strategically positioned witch's hat and several bats cut out of black cardboard will make for a super fun corner with a Halloween Party feel.

    Bladders in party colors, cobwebs and some toy spiders also bring the Halloween atmosphere to your space.

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    Tips for Budget-Friendly Halloween Decoration:

    1. Homemade Crafts: Make your own decorations with simple materials such as cardboard, cardboard, fabric, and even recyclable materials such as plastic bottles. Use them to create ghosts, bats, spiders, and other spooky elements.
    2. Recycle and Reuse: Look for objects around your home that can be turned into Halloween decorations. For example, an old sheet can become a scary ghost hanging from the tree.
    3. Buy Second Hand: Visit thrift stores, thrift stores, or online swap groups to find affordable Halloween decorations.
    4. DIY Pumpkin Decoration: Instead of buying expensive carved pumpkins, make them yourself; It’s a more economical alternative and we’ve already taught you how to do it above.
    5. Ambient Lighting: Use candles and twinkle lights to create a magical atmosphere. LED candles are safe and economical.
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    Want another super creative tip? The little ghosts made with hardened fabric. You know?

    Reproduced: Bargainbabe

    To make this craft you will need:

    A doll
    Your choice of fabric
    Fabric hardening spray.

    There is nothing easier to make than this little ghost! Just take your doll, place the fabric over her and spray with fabric hardening spray. Let it harden and then remove the doll. Place the fabric on a window and your ghost is ready… spooky!

    Image: eighteen25

    Want to make these cute lanterns?

    Follow this tutorial Eighteen25, a DIY site that has a lot of amazing stuff.

    Halloween costumes

    A Halloween party without a costume is no fun, right?

    Putting together a Halloween costume is easy and cheap.

    Use black clothes that you already own, mix costumes and props that are forgotten at home, put on some fancy makeup and that's it: you'll be in awe at the Halloween party.

    Look at how much spooky, low-cost inspiration we've selected:

    Image: Canva
    Image: Canva
    Image: Canva
    Image: Canva

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    Image: Canva

    Halloween makeup

    Makeup plays a crucial role in completing a Halloween costume. People use makeup to create special effects, such as wounds, scars, or pale skin. Additionally, accessories such as wigs, masks, hats and props can further enhance the appearance of the costume.

    Check out the options we have selected:

    Image: Momooze
    Image: Momooze
    Image: Momooze

    Do you want to see the most beautiful and elaborate Halloween makeup? Check here.

    We've already presented tips for you to decorate your house, prepare that incredible costume to terrorize at the Halloween party and even the makeup, you already know where to get inspiration.

    But what about the food? What foods are part of this party? That's what we're going to show you now.

    Image: Canva

    Halloween themed foods

    Themed foods play a delicious role in Halloween celebrations. They help create a festive atmosphere and often have a playfully spooky or strange appearance. Here are some themed foods to get you inspired for Halloween.

    Image: Women's area

    Super easy sausage rolls to make with ready-made puff pastry. Put the eyes on and you have charming mini mummies.

    Lots of creativity and some inspiration to prepare themed delicacies to brighten up the Halloween Festival.

    Image: A How

    Look at these little brooms. They are made from cheese.

    Image: A How

    A simple pasta with a devil face.

    Even tangerine joined the party!

    Web Mousse Cake. The recipe is HERE

    Image: Women’s Area

    Those Jelly eyes are awesome, right?

    Do you want to learn exactly how to do it? Check here.

    Image: Canva

    Oh, and don't forget the candy buckets. They are essential at Halloween.

    Do you know the phrase: Trick or treat?

    “Trick or treat” is an iconic phrase associated with Halloween. It is a traditional part of the celebration, especially for children. The concept is quite simple: children dressed in costumes go door to door looking for sweets or other treats. When someone answers the door, they say the famous phrase: “Trick or treat?”

    If children receive “treats” (i.e. sweets or treats), they are happy and thank you. However, if they receive nothing or if the person at the door decides to pull a light “prank” like playing a prank, they may respond with some harmless prank or simply move on to the next house.

    Get into the Halloween spirit and leave some sweets aside to fill the children's buckets with lots of treats.

    Happy Halloween!

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