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8 Amazing Minimalist Kitchen Ideas

Straight from the best of Scandinavian design.


Oh, I need to tell you about the Nordiska Kök, an amazing kitchen brand from Sweden. Their stuff is all custom made and has that classic Scandinavian look with some really cool materials.

They don't just focus on looks, their designs are also super smart for today's homes.

Sweden may be a long way from here, but today I'm going to share some photos from the brand because they're not just eye candy – there's some serious information for anyone thinking about renovating their kitchen.

Stick around to check out eight cool and smart tips for kitchen design, straight from the manual of one of the best Scandinavian design brands!

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

1. Open Shelves

Have you ever thought about replacing those hanging cabinets with some open shelves, but were faced with the following question: “where do I store all my things?”

Here’s an idea – mix the two!

Imagine your upper cabinets, but with a few open spots here and there. You can display the items you love and keep the not-so-pretty items tucked away. This really changes the look of a large, solid row of cabinets and keeps your kitchen from looking too boxy.

Plus, you can play around with different materials on the shelves to add some contrast.

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

2. Tone-on-tone palettes

With the exception of those oak shelves, this kitchen features a light color scheme where everything goes together. The idea is to keep tones light and relaxing, which really opens up the space and keeps the mood serene.

But notice that the environment breaks out of the sameness with a little mix of tones and textures, like those gray cabinets that lead to the speckled limestone counter, and the walls that have a subtle texture.

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

3. Different cabinet colors

Don't really like tone-on-tone palettes? Don't worry, you can give things a special touch by combining different colors in your closets.

The simplest way is to opt for lighter and darker versions of the same color. But if you're feeling adventurous, why not choose two totally different colors?

Just a warning – make sure they have a similar vibe in their tones, like soft olive green that pairs well with a stone gray. This way, you won't have any visual conflicts between the colors.

And here's a cool trick: put the darker color on the lower cabinets and the lighter one on top – this will make your kitchen feel taller and more open.

Or, you can use different colors to highlight a kitchen island or a pantry, for example.

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

4. Fluted glass

Fluted glass doors add a classic touch and can elevate the look of your kitchen. They add something extra to the design, without being overly simple.

The glass has a texture that allows you to see what's inside, but it's not so clear that you need to keep the inside of your cabinets spotless.

Furthermore, they are super versatile – they match more traditional cabinets, but can also bring a little sophistication to a more modern configuration.

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

5. Two-level countertops

Add a small step up to your kitchen island or peninsula and you have a cozy dining spot where you can pull up regular chairs instead of those tall bar stools.

This option is much more comfortable, especially if you have children – it's much easier for them to get on and off.

You can also add a built-in bench in the lower area and place some cushions for comfort.

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

6. Darkened wood

If you're looking for that cozy yet sophisticated feel for your kitchen, you won't go wrong with dark wood.

It brings a warmth and texture that overflows with elegance, far beyond the usual practical appearance.

Just imagine: deep, dark wood combined with light-colored stone countertops – it’s a killer combination!

Worried that dark wood is too much? No stress, just use it on lower cabinets, or as an accent in specific areas. Then just balance it with lighter materials in other places and it will be perfect.

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

7. Textured cabinets

Have you ever seen those cabinets and drawers with raised edges? They put a super cool twist on the flat-front style.

They have an incredible pattern that stands out, adding texture to your kitchen without losing that minimalist and elegant feel.

It even has a touch of a classic closet, but with a modern touch, you know? And when you opt for no handles, it elevates that clean, seamless look even further. It's all about smooth lines and a design that's pleasant to the touch.

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

8. Wood Panels

You may have noticed that slatted wood panels have been super popular lately, right? And guess what, it's totally possible to adopt this trend in the kitchen too, not just in other rooms in the house.

You can contrast the panels with cabinets of different colors to create a focal point, or align them with cabinets of the same color for a uniform, sleek look.

But here's a tip: choose panels that can withstand the heat and humidity of the kitchen.

Oh, and try not to place it directly behind the sink or stove, unless you want an artistic water and grease look!

Styling: Marie Graunbøl; Photography: Andrea Papini

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