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Decorating with paintings: incredible tips

One of the most charming and versatile ways to decorate a space is through the use of paintings on the walls, as it transforms the environment, making it more cozy, personalized and in your style.


Pictures are decorative objects that can be used in any environment, from the living room to the bathroom. With an infinite variety of styles, sizes, frames and colors; With them it is possible to create incredible and unique arrangements that completely transform an environment.

“Pictures on the wall change the decor, create perspective and points of interest in the decor. They are capable of bringing color and texture to the environment and can awaken a lot of good sensations. A picture is worth a thousand words” – says architect Maurício Arruda.

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But before you go putting pictures on all the walls of the house, you need to analyze some important points. Below, we will list what should be taken into account before starting to decorate with paintings:

Wall size and decoration style:

The first step is to analyze the size of the wall and choose proportional paintings. If the wall is large, it is possible to create an arrangement with several paintings, but if it is small, one large painting may be the best option.
It is also important to take into account the decoration style of the room before choosing the paintings. If the environment is more modern, abstract or minimalist paintings may be the best choice. In more classic environments, paintings with more elaborate frames and realistic paintings are more suitable.

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It is possible to decorate your home and make it cozy and beautiful while spending little. With a little creativity and good tips, anyone can transform an environment.

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Colors and shades:

The colors and tones of the paintings must match the decor of the room. It is possible to opt for paintings with colors that stand out or complement the colors present in the decoration, but it is important that they are harmonious.

Color harmony is a fundamental aspect to consider when decorating with paintings, as colors have a great impact on the environment and visual perception. When colors are selected harmoniously, they create a pleasant visual balance and convey feelings of serenity, tranquility and emotional balance.

On the other hand, colors that do not match well can cause feelings of discomfort and visual imbalance, and can even compromise the message that the painting conveys.

Therefore, to create a harmonious decoration with paintings, it is important to carefully choose the colors that will be used, always considering the color palette of the room as a whole.

Height and distance:

The height and distance of the paintings in relation to the floor and furniture is also important. Pictures should be hung at a height that allows people to enjoy them without having to look up or down too much.

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Decorate with paintings while spending little:

If you think you can't afford to decorate the walls of your home because it's a high investment, let's review your concept: it is possible to decorate with paintings without spending a fortune.
Here are some tips for decorating your wall with paintings without spending a lot:

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Use what you already have:
We often have paintings stored at home or that were inherited from the family.
Reuse these paintings and create a creative composition on the wall; If necessary, change the frames for something that matches your home more.

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Create a picture gallery on the wall:
Visit local art fairs or flea markets to find inexpensive and unique artwork to include in your decor. Even if it's not a masterpiece, it can add personality and charm to the wall. If necessary, change the frames; It will give your painting a new look.

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Create a composition:
Instead of buying one large painting, buy several small ones and create a composition on the wall. This is a great option for bringing life to a wall without spending a lot of money.

Now, if you also want to know how to choose picture frames, take a look at our smart tips below:

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As you can see, paintings are versatile elements full of personality and can completely transform the environment in which they are placed. With the right tips, you can create a harmonious and unique composition that reflects your style and personal preferences. Always remember to consider the size, frame, arrangement and theme of the paintings when choosing and placing them on the wall.

Choose your favorite works and photos, create a gallery of paintings and make your decoration even more interesting and original!




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