New WhatsApp Functions: Do You Know It?

There are new features on WhatsApp and it's worth knowing the latest ones.


WhatsApp is an application that has completely transformed the way we communicate today. Before its arrival, text messaging was limited to carrier services and was often billed separately.

With WhatsApp, communication became simpler and more accessible, as it made it possible to send messages, photos, videos and even calls for free, as long as there was an internet connection.

In 2023, some updates were made with several interesting additions. Let's get to know and test each one of them?

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Instant Video Messaging:

According to an announcement on the Whatsapp, a new function is being launched that will allow you to record and send videos directly through the application. The update has already started and will soon be released to all users.

With video messaging, you can record and share short personal videos directly in chat, making communication even more engaging and exciting. Imagine being able to respond in real time with everything you want to say and show it in up to 60 seconds!

Sending a video message is as simple as sending a voice message. Just tap to switch to video mode and press and hold to record.

Image: Whatsapp

Mute Unknown Callers:

Another important and useful update in the growing list of features being implemented on Whatsapp is the ability to “Silence unknown callers”

“Silence Unknown Callers” is specially designed to give you more control and privacy over incoming calls. This smart feature automatically filters calls from spam, scams and unknown numbers, providing an extra layer of protection. These calls will not ring your phone, but will remain visible in your call list if they are from someone important or relevant to you.

It's very simple to activate:

On the iPhone, open the application and access the “Settings” screen (represented by the gear icon). If you're using an Android device, click the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

Now, navigate to the “Privacy” option; Tap “Calls” and enable the “Silence calls from unknown numbers” function.

Source: Whatsapp

Privacy Check:

The Privacy check on WhatsApp comes to ensure that you know all the protection options available. This step-by-step resource will help you set up your ideal privacy options in one place.

Simply click 'Start Scan' in the privacy settings and follow the steps to strengthen the security of your messages, calls and personal information.

Image: Canva

Edit messages on WhatsApp:

There is now the option to edit messages sent by Whatsapp, in case you make a mistake or change your mind.

You can correct spelling errors or add additional information to messages. Simply press and hold the sent message and select 'Edit' from the menu, within fifteen minutes of sending.

Edited messages will show the 'edited' notice, so recipients know there was a correction, but they won't be able to see the full edit history.

Remembering that, like all your messages, media and calls, edits are also protected by end-to-end encryption. This guarantees the security and privacy of conversations.

Application to Monitor Cell Phone Conversations

If you want to have access to conversations taking place on WhatsApp, some applications can help you with this WhatsApp monitoring task.

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